Ah no, I mean, for stage-diving, I don’t really… I’m probably too fat for stage-diving.
Maybe I’m not fat, just like… I’m tall, you know what I mean… I might kill people.

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I think one of the coolest things you can do is disappear for a while, because it gives you the chance to re-emerge. To sort of pounce out of the jungle.
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So I went to Disney about a month ago and i got to meet aurora. she asked me and my mom if there were any “princes’” with us today. When I told her that I leaned more toward princesses she looked over at Cinderella sighed and replied with “yeah me too” and I think about that a lot.
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Don’t fall in love with someone like me, I will take u to the 711 for a hotdog date. This is why storms are named after ppl…

ihatealexturner said: why you say it would be an amazing break up album? what songs?

like clockwork, i appear missing, vampyre of time and memory… i dont know its very intense i feel that shit in my stomach, do you see what i mean? (or not at all? haha)

like clockwork would be an amazing breakup album damn it really makes you want to be in gutwrentching pain




i don’t even think he was joking

the amount of fuck yous i have yelled at bands facebook pages for not touring near montreal/touring near montreal when im not there cant be counted on two hands

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